Friday, October 2, 2015


Its all in the details I say.  Most design decisions made by an interior designer is details based, and throw pillow design, no matter how trivial it may seem to some, is no different.  I am very excited to share photos of these custom throw pillows made from my first fabric design entitled 'Nara'.

Since this was a bit of a test run, I played with scale, color and details like welts and flanges.  I will likely narrow down to only one of these pattern variations in the final fabric line, so now is your chance to snap up a limited edition sample piece :)

Fabric is a cotton/linen blend.
Pillows come with hidden zipper.
Sample sale pricing- $85 each without insert, $115 each with insert

Contact me for more specifics or photos.

With contrast welts, here shown in deep teal with lime green welt and gray,white & black with black faux alligator welt.  Teal pillow is 20x20 and gray is 12x16.

With 1" flange with tucked pleated corners, shown in charcoal with deep navy cotton flange and gray, black & white with medium gray linen flange. Large is 20x20, small is 12x24 lumbar.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Just because this is so stunning.  How many amazing accent colors can one pull out of this?  Might need to do some color matching.  Happy October!

Friday, September 4, 2015


I am very excited to introduce my first fabric pattern created by my father and myself.  We are currently working on a collection of five patterns, all inspired by his wallpaper designs developed several decades ago.  Now we are updating, refreshing, and adding to these patterns, all of which drew original inspiration from traditional Japanese, Southeast Asian and French origins.  I know I should wait and reveal them all together as a cohesive whole, but I am just too impatient.  So here is the pattern 'Nara', in three colorways and repeat sizes (of course black, white and grays will be featured prominently, and I had to throw in my signature deep teal, the color of Christa Pirl Furniture's branding!)

The fabrics shown here are printed on a linen/cotton blend that is only suitable for throw pillows and the like, however, I do have a 100% cotton twill available that is suitable for light upholstery and drapery.

Price per yard for the linen/cotton blend: $92
Price per yard for the 100% cotton: $112
Trade discounts available.  Samples available.

Please check back soon for some fab throw pillows made up in all three of these fabrics.

Any input or constructive criticism is much appreciated!

Copyright Christa Pirl, LLC.

Friday, July 17, 2015


I am excited to share my second contribution for The Highboy's wonderful blog, 'The Weekly'!  There are lots of great insider tips here...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I recently returned from a full three weeks (yes, three weeks, what luxury) in Norway.  Despite the fact I visit on average twice a year to pay respects to my family and ancestral home, I have not ventured properly through the dramatic western Fjordland since I was a child.   And let me tell you, it was about time.  Wow.  Dark woods abound, stark rock faces abound, waterfalls abound, well, actually, all kinds of water abounds.  And while the nature is pretty fab on its own, it is made even more stunning by the juxtaposition of both charming traditional and minimal contemporary architecture.  I always have a hard time fully appreciating raw nature without something man-made in the foreground. 

I will absolutely require more than one post on this trip, but thought there was little reason not to start with the best.  I was lucky enough to spend two nights at the Juvet Landscape Hotel, a most remarkable place tucked away between small working farms and dramatic cliffs.  The hotel opened in 2008 and has been gaining admirers in steady number ever since.  No doubt its recent turn in the sci-fi thriller Ex Machina has helped its exposure.  The place is extraordinarily special, and I do not think I have been more relaxed in many a year.  Each room is a separate building perched on a cliff-side overlooking a fast-flowing river.  And each room is nothing but pure, unadulterated glass towards the view.  No other room is visible once you are inside, and there is a remarkable connection with the landscape that overtakes you immediately. 

I can describe this place until I a blue in the face, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so...

Here is the spa building including a hot tub and sauna with a sod roof and a few guest rooms tucked back in the woods behind.

The room was very simple, the bed and bath areas tucked away at the back with a simple pair of loungers in front of the glass.

The event facility with its dramatic random cross beam ceiling and traditional benches and wool hangings lining the concrete walls-

I hope to return in the winter for a slightly more eerie and stark version of this lush, green, watery trip!