Sunday, June 19, 2016


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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I am excited to officially launch my new website which includes a new home for my blog posts.  In addition to the new website, I am dedicating new energy to writing. I will be posting regularly three times a week on the new site, and have developed an editorial calendar to keep myself on track as well as make it easier for readers to find what they are looking for.

This is a large undertaking for me, but I am eager to get my writing muscle exercised and up to snuff as I look to publishing more articles and perhaps even take a stab at a book in the next year.

This renovation of my online presence has also given me the chance to really think about my branding and the image I would like to project to the world.  I have always been so drawn to grand historic interiors, in particular from the Neoclassical, Empire and Art Deco periods.  (Adam and Ruhlmann):

However, I am also drawn to very contemporary, extremely minimal spaces.  Spaces that are almost monastic.  And of course I am also drawn to interiors that mix both old and new. (Tadao Ando and David Hicks):

This left me in a bit of a quandary regarding my preferred style, but I soon realized a clean crisp feel with a strong reference to history summed it up.  Despite the fact many of my client projects are quite modern, there is always a strong link to historic design elements.

I don't want to create museum period rooms for clients; this is not the way most people live today, and not what most want (although I would LOVE to do a true historic interior if I ever came across that client).  Livable and comfortable spaces are of great importance.  But that does not mean I abandon history and tradition in any way.  That link to the past is so important to maintain a sense of grounding and strength in a space.

In light of these revelations, I have decided to develop these ideas in my blog posts.  Seeing as things from a time past have always called to me, there will be an emphasis on period homes, antiques, some nostalgia and the like, but I also will be spending a lot of time featuring new products and designs that have a link to interiors styles that have come before.

Here is my monthly post calendar, which I will do my very best to stick to until the end of 2016, when I will reflect and reevaluate.  All posts will go up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

- Pretty Projects Day - a contemporary or historic space that speaks of marrying past and present
- Infamous Historic Figure Day- someone that might have a link to amazing interiors or is a great inspiration for a creative mind
- Fancy Product Day- dynamite products both old and new

- Little History Lesson Day- I promise this one won't be stuffy or boring, just fun and quirky
- My Projects Day- learn how I use historic references in my contemporary design projects for clients
- Travel Diary Day- you figured it out

-Color Filled Day- color today and yesterday (you will be SHOCKED at some of these historic colors!)
- Architecture & Facade Day- sometimes the outside of a building is pretty too
- Cool Designer Day- there are so many to talk about that use historic references!

- Historic Homes Day- one of my favorites
- Commercial Interiors Day- also so many that reference the past

- Furniture Day- I could probably blog about furniture forever!

So if any or all of these topics appeal to you, I would great appreciate you visiting my new site-  Thanks so much for your interest and support until now!

Well, I better get to it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I am very excited to announce this lovely pair of Aesthetic Movement side chairs have found a new home, with a young, hip interior designer in Salt Lake City.  I just love that younger designers see the value in mixing old and new and actually using real vintage and antique pieces instead of settling for mediocre repros.

I am DYING to see photos of them as captains chairs at his dining table.  Coming soon.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


For some reason the Pantone color of the year seems to hold lots of sway in the interior design industry these days.  I am not really sure how this started or why.  Don't get me wrong, I love Pantone, but wasn't it not long ago they were strictly working in the domain of the graphic designer and publisher?  Maybe they have some great insight regarding color trends in general, but I feel everyone in the interiors industry grudgingly follows along with their color selections against their better judgement.

I am pretty sure most everyone is at a bit of a loss over Rose Quartz and Serenity this year, which come on, is really just pink and baby blue.  I don't do a lot of nurseries so I don't foresee using these colors a lot except for in small doses.  These colors should be relegated to a supporting role.

 And last years Marsala?  I know fashion is looking back to Winona Ryder's brown lipstick, but I would prefer not to have this muddy, early 90s eggplant color on my walls.  All I can think about with this one is that it would work quite well in Monica's apartment.

The trend I see so far this year is much richer and elegant than the pastels of Pantone.  Rich jewel tones are making a decided comeback.

Key influences on these colors seem to be -
- an interest in Art Deco and higher end MCM, and non-Scandinavian MCM, ie Italian

- the last season of Downtown Abbey with its current Art Deco tones and a nostalgia for the Edwardian richness of the earlier seasons

- Fashion, we saw what was happening on the red carpet at the Oscars, it was saturated jewel tones

- And the continued obsession with Kelly Wearstler and her obsession with all things stone

I recently had the great honor of getting a sneak peek and offering my opinion on a new line for a fabric manufacturer.  Remarkably I saw a wonderfully rich and elegant palette of deep teal, ocean blue and ruby.  And yes, there were a few hints of pastel, but these pale colors actually worked really well as a delicate and subtle foil to the jewels.

I wish Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams would step up their game in publicizing their color forecasting.  Or one of the many furniture and fabric houses that also forecasts.  I believe interiors colors is different from general fashion/graphic color forecasting and therefore warrants its own take.

So there are my two cents.  Anybody else?

Saturday, February 20, 2016


I was recently asked to contribute to a magazine article about 2016 fabric trends and had to think, look at some magazines and a little pinterest, and consider what my clients are asking for as well.  I won't reveal my official findings quite yet, but I do think this little grouping from my own pillow collection tells the story fairly well.  Love the mix of graphic black & white, traditional Oriental-inspired toile, and mid-century modern.