Sunday, July 28, 2013


I am so excited to see great local design events happening here in SLC!  Hosted by Mod a-go-go, a great new midmod furniture and contemporary art showroom on South Temple, I know this will be a great event, showcasing some amazing pieces.  Please spread the word and join the competition!  Entry info can be found here-

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It is not hard to find some great inspiration browsing through House Beautiful and Architectural Digest in the evening (yes, I still read actual, paper shelter mags).  I was on the lookout for some amazing upholstery or interesting chair shapes, and I stumbled upon so beauties pretty quickly.  I just had to share-

From Architectural Digest, Aug 2013-

Love the shape of this adorable settee, and would love to get my hands on it to update the fabric!  Probably not going to happen...

And this neoclassical settee is fantastic in its abstract animal print-

This traditional and simple shape works great with the bold, fresh polka dot-

And from House Beautiful, July/August 2013-

Great detail of the navy trim with pewter nailheads-

LOVE everything about this image, of course, my favorite colors b&w & grays-

And these cuties are adorable in this monochrome kitchen, with such a great contemporary print that feels completely at home on the neoclassical frames-

 (and ps, just LOVE the bold interiors in pastel colors on both covers, baby blue and pink... almost as if they coordinated...anyone thinking subtle royal baby tie in...?)


I am so excited to finally, officially launch my new venture in the world of design- Christa Pirl Furniture.  Meant as a sister company to Christa Pirl Interiors, I have been itching to expand into furniture design for several years now, as I think many designers do.  It seems a natural evolution, instead of selecting other people's furniture to go into projects, why not create your own pieces that fit into your own design vision?  My favorite selections for clients have always been antique or vintage upholstered pieces that can be reinvented with a new bold, graphic (and often black&white) fabric. So I figured since I loved this part of my already fantastic interior design career so much, why not do it some more?

Of course I am not only looking to supply pieces to my own clients, but also to many others, people that share my love of unique vintage and antique furniture, and who see the potential in up-cycling furniture, and understand that while on the surface, a piece can appear as though its best days are behind it, yet often this is not the case.  I am so happy to see the growing trend among my own Gen Xers as well as the Gen Ys to see the potential in old things, reusing these old things, and also their desire to create a home not piece-for-piece out of a catalog, but a unique mix of objects from different periods, styles and price-points.  It makes for a much more dynamic world of interior design, a world that my new furniture business can fit into quite nicely, I believe.

So whether you are looking for a special piece of antique furniture or just a cute, inexpensive vintage chair, or wanting to restore grandma's chair you inherited, I would love for you to check out the new website, and feedback is always appreciated!