Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I love throw pillows.  They are such a great way to add pattern, color and texture to a space in an easy, inexpensive and interchangeable way.  And almost every time I recover an antique or vintage chair or sofa I find a fabric that would just look perfect as a coordinating pillow.  So I started making pillows that can easily be mixed and matched with most of my pieces on Christa Pirl Furniture.  Not surprisingly they are mostly black or white or both, with a few brights mixed in.  I know, I have a pretty particular look.  But that is what you are supposed to have as a designer right?  And what richness do these pieces add without being overly trendy or bold?!

So, if anyone is in need of throw pillows that are ready to be shipped out, or in need of something custom to work with a particular chair or sofa, let me know!

Prices are based on size, with the occasional exception for an exceptional fabric.

12x16, cover only, $75, with down insert $105
16x16, cover only, $120, with down insert $150
18x18, cover only, $140, with down insert $170
20x20, cover only, $160, with down insert $190
24x24, cover only, $180, with down insert $200

Here is the current stock; aren't they pretty? :)


SO EXCITED to be part of The HighBoy​ family!  I love the philosophy  of this online curated antiques and fine art site.  They promote the idea that everyone should live with good antiques, mixing and matching styles and periods.  It is about living with what you love and actually using antiques, not just looking at them in museums (which I also highly advocate)!