Thursday, May 6, 2010

Number One

Hi there blogger world. Although I imagine most interested parties perusing this site will already know me to varying degrees, I thought I would give a brief introduction, or shall we say refresher or clarifying review.

I am an interior designer and decorative arts expert in love with two opposing forces: minimalism and anything antique. While many may wonder how these sensibilities meet, hopefully it will all make sense over the next several weeks.

I grew up in a multitude of locations: New York, Miami, Connecticut, Oslo...then upon reaching adulthood, proceeded to move to a multitude of other locations including: London, Paris, Honolulu, Auckland, and most recently Salt Lake City. However, I always seem to return to New York between each seemingly bizarre move whenever possible. Manhattan in short doses of 1-2 years seems to be all I need to sustain a stretch of time in the design hinterlands, a place I seem to gravitate towards often.

I got both my BFA in interiors and MA in decorative art history in New York, at Parsons School of Design and Sotheby's Institute of Art respectively. These two degrees, along with a practical mother and impractical, furniture-loving father likely contributed greatly to my somewhat unusual design sensibility. That and probably all the moves. A desire for luxury and style paired with the continual need to pare down and travel light.

In addition to pushing my clients into this style whenever possible (just kidding), I was recently given the opportunity to influence a whole new generation of little designers- yes that is correct- I am now teaching design and my beloved design history. Beware Utah.

So why "thoughts from the hinterlands"? This could be read as somewhat negative and well, mean. But come on, you have to admit Salt Lake City is not quite Manhattan, London or Paris. However, I want to be clear in my intentions here- I am not interested in belittling Utah design sensibilities or insulting the designers and residents of this fair city. No. There is enough of that already. What I want to do is accentuate the good and create more good. Enlighten locals to grander possibilities, and hopefully open the eyes of many a New Yorker (you know who you are) who are confident the world stops just past JFK. While I whole heartedly agree that Manhattan may very well be the center of the universe, it is in fact not the whole universe.

Salt Lake City is an odd and often amazing place...while much of the city is populated by strip malls and horrid housing developments full of mountain style Mcmansions, there also exists another world. Somewhat harder to see upon first inspection, but there none the less. There is a strong sense of past and history. Within the city limits, Victorian beauties and quaint 20's cottages abound. While somewhat spotty, downtown is beginning to renovate classic turn-of-the-century office buildings and fabulous warehouse spaces. The city is dotted with antique dealers and art galleries. While many are not filled with Madison Avenue-quality pieces, there is always something fun, quirky, and 'not half bad' to be found.

In closing, I hope to enlighten those of you that have known me for years and still wonder how I can survive out here in the hinterlands (again) and those of you in Utah who have yet to know me very well. And anyone else that might be interested. So come, join me for a time, in the hinterlands.

Please come back next Thursday for lessons on classicism and contemporary, baroque and modernity, horror vacui and ultimate simplicity, and most importantly... more from the hinterlands.


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  2. I love your new blog...looking forward to learning more about the world of art.

  3. Glad to see you on here. And thanks for commenting on mine the other day.

  4. Christa....

    Great writing! You are right - there is nothing quite like a well-crafted, sturdy American cabriole leg.