Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, as you can imagine, my clients must take precedence over the blog this week, as I am just back from a very nice vacation and have neglected them for almost three whole weeks. So, today you will have to go without much of my usual witty and highly informative commentary and just enjoy the photos....hopefully you will be missing the wit:)

As requested, here is a bit more Norway charm. It seems the country house appealed more than the opera house, so here are a few detail shots of my aunt and cousin's houses. As you can see, good taste in interiors runs in the family. Like mother, like daughter.


I love the hints of nautical...this is an island afterall, with a very strong maritime history.

Another nice garden...



See any similarities in the dining room? Just wait til you see mine...there is definitely something running in the family....  My father and my cousin's husband actually made this table.  I was not so lucky as to get one of their creations...the shipping costs would have been a bit exorbitant I imagine!

A gift from mother to daughter...a very well known Norwegian artist: Odd Nerdrum.  Many of his works are quite odd, but he is a truely amazing artist.  Check him out:

And yet another nice garden...

AND FOR THE ROAD, A FEW FISHERMAN'S COTTAGES: (I think I could handle being a fisherman if I got one of these houses.  Alas, none of these are owned by anyone in my family.)

Well, it's back to the old grindstone and reality....see you next week!

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