Saturday, October 23, 2010


My father has been collecting masks his entire life, and has ended up with quite an impressive collection.  Of course he had the benefit of travelling around the world on a regular basis for business, and was able to collect a most impressive mix of masks, heads, and relief sculptures from a wide variety of far flung places.  And what a great way to fill a large blank wall!  Of course proper configuration is most important, and takes the eye of a designer.  I look forward to inheriting these one day....hint, hint!

While this collection includes highly impressive objects, this is certainly an idea that could translate to a number of different collections.  Why stick to paintings when there is so much that can be hung on a wall?  Mirrors, plates, clocks....any number of objects.  Here are a few inspiration images:

Love this arrangement of plates in the DWR catalog:

Plates at my clients home:

Collection of mirrors:

So many possibilities, too few clients....

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