Friday, March 4, 2011


If you are an Antiques Roadshow groupie you likely have heard about Leslie & Leigh Keno's first line of furniture for Theodore Alexander. The furniture is exquisitely simple and elegant, and not (thank god) straight copies of early American furniture. While some are surprised by the styles, I am not. The craftsmanship, beautiful woods, and attention to detail both men find so attractive in early American furniture is very apparent in these pieces. And frankly, having been taught by both at Sotheby's, I know the little secret that both in fact enjoy 20th century furniture quite a bit. Not the standard mid-century Eames type stuff, but instead the sensual Italians, in particular, Carlo Mollino. And the connection between Mollino and the Keno line is obvious. So in my mind, their line is perfect; inspired by the 18th century, sampling from the mid-20th, and looking to creating the next family heirlooms their grandkids can find on Antiques Roadshow one day.
While the line has been covered quite a bit by the design mags like Traditional Home and Interior Design, I have not seen too much on the blogosphere. So here are some samples:

And Mollino?  Anyone agree?



Hey, they even rhyme!  Check out the full line here.


  1. Beautiful stuff! Based on the other items I've seen from this line as well, I love how the simplicity of the design lets the beauty of the wood speak for itself. And the do use some gorgeous wood! I was just drooling over a couple of their pieces in Interior Design mag this morning.

  2. I am so glad you like the line! Drooling is always a good sign!

  3. That piece is screaming my name!!!