Friday, April 27, 2012


I know it has been weeks and weeks since my last post, but I am finally back.  It has been a busy few weeks, and honestly, I have just not been in the blogging mood.  However, I attended 2 great lectures over the last 2 days, and both reinvigorated my love of design and innovation in design.  So this morning I was finally motivated to get back to some writing. 

The first lecture was a CEU put on by HansGrohe, which reviewed some of their celebrity designers that have done plumbing lines for them.  Amongst the group were by old favorite Philippe Starck, who of course I already know and love, however I did in fact learn something new...that he was the first celebrity interior designer to create a full line of bathroom fixtures for a major company back in the late 80s.  There was also Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, all who have participated in HansGrohe's 'WaterDream' Bathroom Visions design.  They all created a conceptual vision of their own perfect bathroom space, and then turned it into some form of reality.  Pretty cool project.  Can I do one too?

Ronan & Erwan were of course ever practical and small space minded with their interchangeable fixtures where you can select where you want your lav faucet, handles, etc:

Massaud created a very cool space inspired by the beach:

And while I was confused by Patricia's conceptual space, I LOVE her real space:

Check out more at HansGrohe.

Stay tuned for details on the other inspiring lecture next week!

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