Sunday, December 2, 2012


I really dislike the standard 'builders' style backsplash of 4 inches of countertop.  Really?  That is the most boring thing I can think of to do with a backsplash... you might as well not do one at all.  Backsplashes are such a great opportunity to bring in color, texture and design. 

Well, I have a client that really wanted to do something with her standard 4 inch backsplash in her kitchen, both for functionality and looks.  She had a great kitchen to begin with, so we were able to pull some great tones from her countertop and cabinetry and came up with this beautiful backsplash which was simply installed on top of her existing 4" granite backsplash already in place.  I think it turned out great, making this a real focal point in the kitchen and also allowing my client to easily keep her kitchen wall clean.

Yes, the tiles are iridescent... love!

And since this tile was so beautiful, we decided to tile the powder room wall as well!

Thanks again to Melissa McCafferty for the great photos, and Gene Paskett for a great tile installation!

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