Sunday, September 23, 2012


I was also lucky enough to visit a room I have loved and hoped to visit for many a year.  The Peacock Room by the great James McNeill Whistler at the Smithsonian's Freer Sackler Galleries.  This is not just a wonderful room due to the beautiful Aesthetic Movement decor created by Whistler and amazing pottery collection housed within it, but also for the wonderfully colorful story of the room's creation.  After hijacking the entire project from the architect, and after several disagreements between Whistler and the room's owner, he in fact locked himself in the room to be certain of finishing it as he desired, and nobody else.  The owner Mr. Leyland was less than thrilled about this, and often fought with Whistler through the locked door before Whistler actually painted two peacocks fighting each other to represent the two men.  Or at least so I have been told.  I never heard what Leyland thought of the final result...

All photos courtesy of the Freer Sackler website.

For more information, visit the museum's website here.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I was lucky enough this summer to shorten my bucket list by three line items.  The first and probably one of the items towards the very top of the list was a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.  While I have seen many photos and documentaries of the icon of American modernism, there is nothing quite like seeing it in person, especially on such a perfect summer day.  It has not just stood the test of time, it is in fact a much better piece of residential architecture than almost any house I have seen built today.  So I encourage everyone to visit, especially all architects out there.  But, if you cannot make it, here are some more photos I had the pleasure of taking during my visit. 

What made the visit even more enjoyable and fullfilling is the fact I was able to visit with my father, a former furniture designer, Parsons student, and forever lover of all things design, also a FLW nut.  Even more than myself. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I was happy to see that Donald's daughter Ivanka did not inherit her father's sense of style.  While I love great French antiques, I cannot say I really appreciate the overall effect achieved by Donald and his designers in a Manhattan penthouse (not, in fact, a French chateau)...

I think Ivanka's style is much more NY penthouse appropriate and just slightly more sophisticated...

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