Saturday, February 23, 2013


I seem to fall totally in love with one lighting manufacturer at a time, go through several months where I only use their fixtures, and then move on to someone else.  Kind of like an exotic affair in a foreign country that one eventually wakes from.  Well, my latest love in lighting is Hinkley.  They are well priced, have a great 'updated tradition' look, and are also good quality.  Some of my current favorite lines are-

The Hampton series which were just installed in a project, the great thing about this line is that you can use the series without everything feeling too matchy-matchy, there is plenty of variation the sizes and shapes which is so important-

I also love the Ion, going into another project soon, this one can be extended or collapsed to suit the size required in the space and available in 3 cool finishes-

And a few others I just love for their design...

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