Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I obviously love chairs.  Just about all chairs that have some element of good or interesting design, and in particular small-scale, elegant chairs.  And woodworker Clayton Thomas, through his company Ivory Bill, creates many a gorgeous hand-crafted, petite chair, as well as amazing tables and case pieces.  Ivory Bill recently competed in the Modern Chair Competition, hosted by Mod A Go Go, with something like FOUR original chair designs (or was it five?)!  And not surprisingly, Ivory Bill won with this little lovely-

Everything about Clayton's work, vision and design philosophy speaks to my own ideas about design,  and I just love the fact that he takes the name Ivory Bill from the woodpecker that was thought to be extinct, just as the art of solid, hand-crafted furniture was once thought to be extinct.  I encourage you to visit his website and explore his amazing pieces if you have not done so yet!

A sampling of my favorites-

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