Friday, November 22, 2013


The tagline and inherent goal of my latest design endeavor Christa Pirl Furniture is 'Restoring the Art of Lounging'.  And this is a motto close to my heart, and an act I take quite seriously.  Deep down I am a true Victorian, a lounger, a recliner.  I would enjoy nothing more than whiling away a rainy British day with a good book, hot toddy and a stunningly gorgeous chaise loaded with down pillows and fur throws next to a roaring fire. So I do not say it lightly that we have far too little lounging in our lives these days.  I believe we should all hearken back to a more elegant, refined and relaxed time now and again, and I believe the upcoming holidays are the perfect time to do so.  So, for some inspiration, I dug deep into pinterest to find some images that embodies exactly the kind of lounging I am advocating in times far more sophisticated and dare I say more enjoyable than our own.  So go home and be gloriously lazy!

For details and more serious lounging visit my pinterest board 'The Art of Lounging'.


  1. I love this! I need a new outfit to properly lounge in, as well as the perfect chair.

  2. Absolutely, the fab lounging outfit is certainly a requirement!