Friday, November 12, 2010


It seems as though the Halloween House was pretty popular a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share some furniture from the slightly distrubing world of another Art Nouveau designer: Rupert Carabin.  He is part of the Symbolist sub-catagory of Art Nouveau, a sub-catagory usually associated with the female figure and fairly obvious sensual overtones.  Carabin not only fits into this sub-cataory, but goes crazy with it.  Feminists, I must warn you, you may be offended by Rupert's artistic vision.  I myself, just find it utterly odd and frankly pretty amusing.  My only real question: who on earth bought these things???  And of course, what is his deal with cats?  And why did he feel they paired nicely with the nude female figure?

Another spiderweb-ish motif here...never knew this was an Art Nouveau thing:

Wow, this looks heavy...

Ummmm..... this one looks highly uncomfortable as well as heavy:
Back view:

Front view:

And I don't think there is much for comment with this one:

Of course one must keep in mind these pieces were all made in the 1890's....apparently it was a very  different time.

Next week I'm all about Thanksgiving skip Martha and visit this blog instead!

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