Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ok, Ok, so maybe last week's post was, in fact, a bit too disturbing.  But you have to admit it is fascinating stuff!  Let's change gears completely and talk about holiday decorating!  While I adamantly declared there would be no Halloween decorating tips on this blog, Thanksgiving is another thing.  Without children in the house, I find Halloween somewhat uninteresting.  However, Thanksgiving is worth decorating for.  Even though the day after Halloween is now considered the first day of the Christmas season....what happened to the day after Thanksgiving!?  I miss pumpkins and orange in the month of November.

So, below are a few photos I came up with for Thanksgiving table decorations.  All are fairly sedate and minimal.  It's me, what did you expect?  Small smiling pumpkin figurines and happy turkeys dressed up as Pilgrims?  Well, then you are definitely in the wrong place.

I think nature offers up plenty of good holiday decorations, enhanced with a mix of vintage candlesticks and well proportioned vases, nothing more is required.    So go forth and be inspired....

FYI- Christa Pirl Interiors now has an Etsy page filled with many a unique and interesting vase and candlestick... absolutely perfect for such holiday table dressings.  (I don't have enough tables to use it all...)  Please check us out!

How perfect are simple glass containers filled with assortments of nature's bounty?  In a long line or clustered together, almonds, cranberries (you know you bought to many of these anyway), and wheat is all you need. (And you don't even need to purchase random plastic things to fill vases...)

Layers are always fun...

Sunflowers have great fall coloring, and paired with polished silver, the tones create a perfect juxtaposition. Add a natural runner and you have just created an eclectic mix of rustic and refined!


Those of you who might be more traditional can always go classic white...a weighty cut-glass bowl with matching candle holders is the perfect combo with white roses.

And because I love random collections of vintage candlesticks so much...just add fall colors...

Or glass in thanksgiving-y colors...random collections are always so great...

So there you go.  Something different and simple and with a beautifully set table and a big fat turkey (tofu or turkduckin can both be substituted here), I frankly don't think much more is needed.  Now I just have to pick one for my table... Happy Thanksgiving!

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