Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I know, I know, I am several days behind with this post, but you know how the holidays are!  So, I will merely say thanks so much for following my blog this past year (and your patience when I am late).  I really do appreciate the support and all the comments.  Have a great holiday season, and I leave you with a few shots of my somewhat low-key decor this year.

We decided against a full-sized tree this year....much less hassle....and got a baby one instead, very well positioned next to the liquor:

And missing the lights that often occupy large trees, we instead turned the CB2 floor lamp into a light holder:

Our black&white dining area got some bling:

And the mantle, some red:

With the obligatory Norwegian Nisse (anyone who tells you they are Swedish is lying):

And I gave in to a 'latest craze' with the antlers on the coffee table (note: no animals were harmed during the creation of these cast antlers):

Of course we could not leave our guardian lion out of the fun:

I will be back to regularly scheduled posts next Thursday, Dec 30th!  Happy Holidays!


  1. Have a great Christmas, Christa! Send well wishes to your family. I like the antlers. :)

  2. Thanks Lisa, hope you are having a good holiday too!

  3. Love the new throw pillow on the sofa!