Friday, December 3, 2010


No matter how great I know a piece will look after being reupholstered, I am still always utterly breathtaken at the first sight after the deed is done.  One of my all-time favorite clients just got this chair back from the upholsterer.  While it was a wonderful late Victorian chair to begin with, I knew a fresh layer of fabric would give it new life.  The pink was just not doing it anymore. Here is the chair before:

Here is the chosen fabric which we knew would look fabulous with the Benjamin Moore Historic Color Newburg Green paint selected for the walls:

But I was just not prepared for the absolutely fabulous results:

Of course it helps have an amazing upholsterer on your side...Sharp Upholstery of Salt Lake City, you rock.  Look at how carefully they lined up the patterning on the channel back:

It just makes me happy to look at.  If only I could have a house full of different cool antique chairs....who needs casepieces?!


  1. It's beautiful! I LOVE before & after photos... keep them coming!

  2. Where is the fabric from? It has great texture!

  3. It is a Robert Allen fabric- Celestine in color Tourmaline. Isn't it great?!