Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sorry for being so far behind with posts the last 2 weeks, but as I prepare to head out of the country for 2 weeks I am working on wrapping up several projects, and working ahead as to avoid too many issues on other hense the lack of blogging.  I love working on projects with a construction element, like bathroom renovations, of which I am currently doing 4, however, it can take a lot of work to get them all organized before the contractor starts to swing his hammer.  In particular when I am not around to pop in and consult on any unexpected issues, of which there always are several.  So, the past 2 weeks I have been putting together comprehensive (I hope) spreadsheets and drawings to make sure everything goes where it is supposed to go.  But I will be back to the blog world this coming week, and am looking forward to some time to actually read about what is going on in the design world, so please stay tuned!

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