Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love the ever increasing interest in Steampunk and Dark Nostalgia styles within the world of interiors.  If you are not familiar with these trends (you probably are even if you do not know the terms), well, that is a blog for another day...coming soon (but think updated Victorian, mixed with technology and a rough industrial element...the film equivalent would be the latest iteration of Sherlock Homes starring Robert Downey Jr.). 

One supplier I particularly like that embraces these styles, is Hudson Goods.  They embrace the industrial, the unique and the oddly Victorian. 

They are based on the East Coast but ship everywhere.  And so far, all the product I have spec'd for clients has been great.  Some of my favorite pieces which I have yet to use, are:

Essentially all their lighting, of which some similar versions have been popping up at Restoration Hardware lately (another huge proponent of the Steampunk and Dark Nostalgia):

The Industrial Bottle Lights for $35-$450 each:

The Industial Cage Lights for $250 each:

And the Vintage Tripod Lamp for $85:

And my favorite which they do not seem to be selling despite the fact it is on their home page....the awesome bowler hat pendant which I totally want in my house:

Some furniture I am hoping to use sometime soon, this very cool dining table:

 Any number of their console tables and cabinets:

And I love these recycled burlap pillows (wouldn't these be great in a rustic Park City home?):

Check out their website and all additional products here.

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