Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am so excited to see the American paintings galleries at the Met are finally open to the public again, as of January 16th.  They are a wonderful complement to the American Wing with its period rooms and furniture galleries (of course my true love at the Met).  My only sadness is that it will likely be a while before I can make it to NY to view the galleries.  When I studied at Sotheby's, many an hour were spent in the galleries before the renovation, and they were certainly in need of a facelift.  My wonderful ex program director and professor Carrie Rebora Barratt is doing the rounds promoting the new galleries, even making an appearance on the Colbert Report on Jan 19th - check out the clip here.  I think she held her own quite well.  Sigh, her discussion of Washington Crossing the Delaware sure did make me miss my school days!

A few of my favorites in the galleries:

Madame X by Sargent, 1883-4 (one of my all time favorites ever):

Approaching Thunderstorm by Heade, 1859:

The Hatch Family by Johnson, 1870-1:

Daniel Crommelin Verplank, Copley, 1771:

Cremorne Gardens, Whistler, 1870-80:

I could go on for hours!  Anyone in NY please go and enjoy!

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