Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am both very excited and somewhat upset that the only privately held version of The Scream by Munch will be sold at Sotheby's New York on May 2nd.  Excited because I cannot wait for it to make a record-breaking sale (which I know it will, it is currently estimated to sell for around $80million), and upset because it is currently owned by a Norwegian, and will now likely be sold to someone outside of Norway.  It is always a bit sad when a great masterpiece leaves its homeland.  However, Norway does hold the other 3 versions, all in Norwegian museums.

I love that Sotheby's is featuring it so prominently on the website (as it should be), and that they include Munchs wonderful words associated with the work-
"I stood still, deathly tired-
Over the blue-black fjord and city hung blood and tongues of fire
My friends walked on-
I remained behind- Shivering with anxiety-
I felt the great Scream in Nature"

Learn more here or here.

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