Thursday, March 21, 2013



I love this image of mid-century Danish furniture in such an elegant and neo-traditional setting, in such elegant and neo-traditional fabrics and color palette.  The photo was featured in the NY Times recently, showing the newly re-invented Antik showroom, now Hostler Burrows.  While I love typical Scandinavian mid-century design, I must admit, I am a bit bored with it at this point in time.  Despite (or I suppose because of) the fact it has made such a strong, popular resurgence (i.e. overkill), I felt I have never really been able to admit my boredom (due to my own Nordic blood)... until now.  But now I can, because Hostler and Burrows have completely and utterly recreated the idea of mid-century modern in my mind with this one vignette, which makes me fully able to admit my boredom with all other mid-century modern.  Thank you Hostler Burrows!
Check them out here and the NY Times article here.

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