Saturday, April 13, 2013


I love wandering the aisles of antique stores, especially ones where you can essentially get lost in amongst the musty piles of random objects.  So of course I love Euro Treasures Antiques in downtown Salt Lake City, and love it even more when I find something unique that I have room for and can also afford.  Last week I found this lovely, an Eastlake style tall footstool, which I cannot wait to bring back to life.  The wood is actually in very good condition, the joints are solid, and the proportions are excellent, however, the upholstery desperately needs help.  Hence the affordability.  But with some TLC this little piece will be better than ever. 
I always love finding original horsehair (or possibly the hair from some other animal)-

A good mark of an old piece.  I am guessing this is 1880s-90s.

Of course I cannot help but begin to look at fabric options immediately, and mocked up a few options right away. 

Stay tuned for the final result!


  1. Bianca Pozo GardnerApril 21, 2013 at 10:03 PM

    The blue fabric is my favorite. I went to an antique store this weekend because of this post and came home with two amazing finds!

  2. Hi Bianca,thanks for the feedback,I just decided on the blue as well, good to hear you agree! And so glad you found something good! What antique stores do you like?