Monday, June 24, 2013



I am so thrilled I got my hands on these adorable and awesome mid-century armchairs!  They lived in a Salt Lake office space for many a decade, and just as they were about to meet their maker, a fellow interior designer had the wherewithal to puck them from obscurity and then shortly thereafter, deliver them to me!  Of course, now the question becomes, what to do with them?  Of course, repair some minor structural damage,  remove the high gloss polyurethane finish and return the wood frame to something that actually feels like wood, and then there is the upholstery.  I always think it is a balance between being true to the style of the piece and being sure to update the piece for today.  However, with these, my upholstery sense is screaming for something more authentic, so I have browsed some looks that might have actually once graced these pieces, but still feel a bit new.
After some trys...
this one is a bit too groovy psychedelic...
And this one is a bit too subdued...
Also a bit tame...
And a bit too cutesy for these pieces...
So finally I found two fabrics that I just love for the pieces...
First, this b&w, highly accurate Abstract Expressionist print, reminiscent of some of the best American painters of the 1950s like Franz Kline-
Or Clifford Still,
 Or Robert Motherwell.
The other -
is reminiscent of a very period appropriate Eames pattern (yet decidedly more contemporary), with a playful yet sophisticated feel.  A few classic Eames patterns in the same vein-
So now I have to decide!  Any opinions out there?


  1. Black and white, yes please... I think that print speaks the best to contemporary design while still honoring the past. Lovely!

  2. Definitely the B&W! So jealous!

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