Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I understand.  I know.  Tufting on grandmas Victorian furniture often makes it look even more dated and dowdy.  However, when pieces are transformed into something more contemporary with a new, bold fabric, that tufting adds infinite personality, depth and style.

Recently I have come across several pieces by others that have removed the tufting in order to update a piece.  While I understand the logic, I am very sad by the loss of the great design feature.  Here are two I have recently come across-

From Elle Decor online-

And this piece from Chairloom-

I really find it so unfortunate that these pieces have lost their tufted backs.  The tufting was part of the original design of the piece, and really should be kept as an integral part of the design.  After seeing these, I felt compelled to find some other pieces that maintained their tufted backs and still transformed into contemporary pieces, and found these on houzz-

And I understand that some are not sure about adding pattern to tufting, but I find pieces with tufting and a modern patterned fabric even more enticing.

For a client a few years ago we added pattern to this deep tufting-

And I look forward to seeing the end result of this piece-

for another client which will soon be reupholstered in this Robert Allen fabric-

And here are a few other interesting pieces from pinterest-


  1. Amen! I saw that same piece on elle decor and it made me a little sad. I don't think removing the tufting was an improvement at all. BTW I just ordered a gorgeous tufted velvet sofa for a client. :)

  2. Refreshing to hear you say that. I'm putting tufting back on a small French chair after toying with removing it!

  3. Yay! Would love to see the velvet tufted sofa when it is installed!

  4. Leslie, would love to see your French chair when you are done as well! Vive la tufting!

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