Sunday, October 18, 2015


I am happy to share photos of my latest home renovation completed with the RENU Crew, a fantastic renovation and real estate company in Salt Lake City.

I love renovating mid-century homes that had undergone some poorly thought-through changes sometime in the 70s or 80s.  It is very satisfying demo'ing avocado or mustard kitchen cabinets in order to make way for a cleaner, more true modernism.  Not to mention shag carpeting.

This is such a project, a house with great mid-century bones that needed some updating and restoring.  I think the results are fantastic, with a large open-plan living space clad with rich, bold materials set against clean white walls.

All the bathrooms were gutted as well; expanding them where possible and keeping all materials fresh and light with accents of rich charcoal and black to add some punch and depth.

The basement was completely finished, with a fantastic media room-

And the best part of this project is that it is now on the market!  Anyone looking for a new home?  Check out the listing here!

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