Sunday, April 10, 2011


I must apologize to all my loyal followers for being out of touch for a little while.  But you see, blogging is near the bottom of the 'to do' list when visiting the pleasant isles of Hawaii.  However, I did manage to get off the beach for a few minutes to take photos of one of my favorite hotels in Waikiki.  Alas, Waikiki is a bit slim in the great designer hotel catagory, something that the likes of Donald Trump and Ian Schrager is trying to fix (although there is still quite a ways to go to compete with the likes of South Beach or other beach hot spots).  Check out the Trump here and the Marriott Edition (with which Schrager has something to do, however I am still not sure about specifics) here

While I would not be opposed to staying at either, my heart will always reside at the Moana Surfrider for a truely Old-World Colonial Hawaiian experience. 

Isn't it just like being in any number of tropical British Colonies in the early 20th century?  I know I was born in the wrong era. I just LOVE the architectural detailing on the exterior:

Despite the fact it is set in the heart of Waikiki:

it is completely serene and secluded (with a nice mix of contemporary and classic- something I always appreciate as you all know) once you step inside.

And the deck out back (where they serve traditional English high tea) leaves little to be desired.  I just love the overscaled lanterns next to the small scale fans.

But alas, all vacations must end, and I am now back to the real world with regularly scheduled blogs back as well.  Thanks for sticking around!

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