Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I knew I was on to something. I just knew it. An interior design degree and a master's in antiques. Well what do you know, Sotheby's Institute is now offering a program in New York that gets you a joint Master's in Decorative Art History as well as a certificate in interior design.

Of course the certificate is a certificate and not a bachelors, and is not from Parsons. So I still have a bit of an edge over all those new graduates that might soon be pumped out of Sotheby's. (My class was only about 15 people, so there should not be too many pumped out).

In addition to my great foresight, I have seen so many cross-overs between the 2 worlds, with the likes of the Keno brothers devling into contemporary furniture design (see past blog), as well as giving decorating advise on 1st dibs (got to check out this site if you have not).  People are looking for a connection to their past along with their fresh new design, and I know antiques and things old are really making a comeback in a bit way.

So Sotheby's, hats off to you for this new program, I am sure it will be a smashing hit.  Just don't think you thought of it first :)

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