Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My lovely client really wanted to open up her living room and create a fresh light space.  She was very drawn to the warmth and brightness of option 3, and ultimately we went with mostly 3, with some touches of 2 to keep it fresh.



Now before we do the 'before and after' shots, I must say there are still finishing touches to be had.  Artwork on the wall is still in progress, but will utlimately be a wonderfully unique gallery wall.  But I think the transformation even without artwork is so impressive, that I had to share now. 

So here we go...

As you can see the living area before had all dark leather and a dark metal coffee table.  Despite the light wall color and one huge window wall, the room felt dark and small. 

The coffee table did not really suit the furniture layout, and the rug was too small for the space (a very common mistake) and did not add much color-wise. 

Arrangement of the bookcases and wiring were not helping the space much either, feeling more cluttered than clean.

But these were all easy things to fix.  However, the client had grand ambitions; she sent me these inspiration images:

However, I think we were able to transform the space, bring in light and color and just plain cheer. 

We added a bright rug, switched out all throw pillows on the dark sofas and added a more suitably sized ottoman/coffee table with a white-on-white pattern:

The ottoman as a bit tricky, we really wanted this to be a light, bright element since it was so large.  Of course with a baby-soon-to-be-toddler in the house, the white ottoman was a bit of a scary thought.  We could not have leather, becuase all other furniture was leather.  Too much.  But crypton came to the rescue, and my amazing clients decided to actually make the ottoman themselves!  I must say I am so impressed, and it is virtually stain resistent due to the crypton.  And the subtle white pattern on the bolder yellow and white on the rug is so fun together:

Although the place was feeling really light and bright, we felt another accent color was required to create some more intest, and a turquois was chosen.  Touches were added to the bookcases when they were rearranged and better organized to add some more color and accent:

And we did what we could with the black wires from the TV- a simple but HUGE improvement!

And finally, we needed that great focal piece for the room, that one wow element.... so we switched out the matching dark leather chair...

And just a hint of turquois again...

So, the client tells me her life in this cute period bungalow has been greatly enhanced by these simple straight-forward changes.  The space is light, airy and fun.  It even functions with a little one in the house due to easy cleaning surfaces!  I am happy I could help and make a bit of a difference in the enjoyment of everyday life.

So final drumroll please-  here is the money shot:



Thanks again, client, for the opportunity to work on such a fun project!


  1. That looks beautiful, Christa. The room has such a light and airy feel to it after the changes were made.

    Hope you're doing well!

  2. Nice! I preferred the #3 show board as well. Its interesting that overly small rugs are a common mistake (perhaps one I am guilty of). I like the idea of a subtle accent color. Now that you mention it, it seems so obvious. Are you going to post any of your other projects?

  3. It's amazing how different our space feels, so much better. It feels much more like us - happy and cheerful versus dark and boring. I forgot what it used to look like.

    Thank you Christa. It has been fantastic working with you.

  4. I am really impressed with that ottoman! You say your clients designed and produced it themselves? Where do you find all of these cool people?

  5. A good wingback chair totally changes the feeling of a room. I love it! And the hint of turquoise is perfect. Great space!