Thursday, May 5, 2011


Anyone who knows me (or has been taught by me) knows how much I love Philippe Starck as a designer.  And let me be clear here, love AS A DESIGNER!  I also think he is quite a self-centered, bizarre, overweight, ego-obsessed Frenchman. 

Need I say more here?  I think not.

I am quite confident that many of my design students however, consider him quite dated and very 90s.  But can I help that?  I went to design school in the late 90s, such things are bound to happen.  And while Starck is doing  roughly the same type of hotel and furniture design now as he did way back then, I think (and many do agree) it is still pretty cool.

Let me demonstrate:

Starck in the 90s- the iconic bubble chair:

And the 2010 Magic Hole Chair (no need to mention the creepy implications that exist with such a name):

The absolutely iconic 90s Ghost Chair inspired by a Neoclassical chair:

And the fabulous Masters Chair that just came out this year, inspired by the shapes of iconic mid-century chairs by Jacobsen, Saarinen and Eames (I am just dying to put this in a client's house!):

The (still) fab Hudson Hotel from 2000:

And the newly opened SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills:

So despite the weird outfits and poses, I think Starck is still a pretty awesome designer.  I love him just a little bit.  Anyone else?

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