Monday, October 24, 2011


I have been off line for a few weeks, being really busy with clients both old and new.  It has been great, but I regret having neglected my blogging duties.  So now I am back. 

In addition to working like nuts, there have been some additional really great developments.  I have had 3 great projects photographed by a wonderful recent photography graduate from the Art Institute, Melissa McCafferty (stay tuned for these photos over the next few weeks), had new portraits done for the business by another great photography student at the Art Institute, Cory Steffen (look for these on social media profiles), and...

most exciting is the ASID 2011 Award for Design Excellence I received for the design of my own home.  To see photos of the project, check out this blog: 

Despite the fact I was unable to attend the award ceremony, it has been very exciting to gain recognition from my peers for the first time.  I look forward to submitting more design work to such competitions in the future.  Here is a glimpse at all the winning projects from this year:

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  1. Congrats Christa! I've said it before and I'll say it again... I do love what you've done with your home! :)