Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well, here is Salt Lake it is estimated to hit 90 tomorrow (only 88 today) and I am really missing fall weather as we approach October in just 2 days.  It is not only that wonderfully crisp air, but the fall foliage and weekends in New England that I miss...the historic homes, the stone walls and the overall ooze of charm.  Yes, I miss the east coast.  Sure, there are leaves and crisper temperatures up in Park City, but its just not the same.

Here are a few charmers that are still around courtesy of Historic New England that I would love to visit:

The Sarah Orne Jewett House in Maine, 1774:

The Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm in Newbury Mass, 1690:

And a few great properties I have had the pleasure to visit already:

The Otis House in Boston, 1796:

Lyndhurst in the Hudson Valley, 1838:

And a historic site I visited often in my teens and absolutely embodies the New England autumn- Weir Farm in Wilton, CT (photos from the Weir Farm website):

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