Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I just love designing bathrooms.  Especially when you have great clients who are interested in doing something unique and fun.  Bathrooms are not nearly as involved as kitchens, and there are such endless options for tile and fixtures these days. 

I recently finished a particularly fun project with wonderful clients.  This is a secondary bathroom in their basement which will function as a 'spa' bathroom and will mostly be used after working out or when they are entertaining in their basement bar/media room/pool hall.  Hence it needed a great shower but also needed to function as a fab powder room for guests.  The large walk-in shower is equipped with multiple showerheads and jets, however, all of this is neatly tucked away behind a glamorous looking olive green glass tile wall.  The 'front-of-house' has a custom concrete sink from Mountain Wave Concrete, wonderfully dynamic glass tile from Bedrosians, lighting from Hudson Valley Lighting and Price Pfister fittings.  Here are some photos taken by two photography students at the Art Institute of Salt Lake, Melissa McCafferty and Cory Steffen. 


  1. It's beautiful (and functional)! I'm doing a very similar concrete sink & rustic vanity base for a client, being built as we speak (I actually just posted their color scheme on my blog today!) I wasn't able to use Mountain Wave, but I do love his work. I'm curious where you got the vanity base from? (If you're okay sharing...)

  2. Thanks Nicole! Your current project looks great too! I love concrete sinks. The vanity base was custom made by the contractors (their cabinetry guys)- Finished for 14-they specialize in finishing basements-

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  4. Thank you Christa. We love our new bathroom!