Friday, January 24, 2014


As Americana week kicks into high gear this weekend in the big apple, I must admit I feel a bit glum not being there.  Americana Week has traditionally been the MOST IMPORTANT week of the year for American Fine and Decorative Arts collectors and dealers such as Leigh Keno and Hirschl & Adler, as well as one of the most important weeks for all high-end dealers. Not only is the impressive Park Avenue Armory Winter Antiques Show on, but both Christie's and Sotheby's hold their best Americana auctions. Despite the weather, this week is like spring break for antiques collectors and dealers alike.  Yes, we are a strange breed.

Why I am so glum you see, is not only that I am just not able to drool over these pieces, but also because I was lucky enough to work the Winter Antiques Show as an intern while I attended Sotheby's Institute, and attend all the auctions.  The Winter Antiques Show is such an unique experience even to visit, and getting to know the vendors, understanding the value of pieces, and seeing behind the scenes was just fantastic.  

Thanks to 1st dibs for showcasing some of the most impressive pieces from the Winter Antiques Show here, Christie's shares their gems here, and Sotheby's here. So at least I can feel a bit like I am there:)  A few that caught my eye- (don't tell anyone, but I would reupholster all of these if I ever got my hands on them...)

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