Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I must say I am having a bit of a hard time getting on board with Pantone's color of 2014.  I very much liked last years Emerald Green-

and LOVED 2012's Tangerine Tango (and even more excited when I could buy the lipstick color)-

But I have never really been a purple person, not for interiors or fashion or anything else really.  And I am not a huge trend follower anyway, as I believe interiors with longevity and a timeless quality are always the best way to go.  Add a splash of trend yes, but preferably not too much.  That being said, I do feel as a designer I need to embrace trends to some degree, and if nothing else appreciate them.  So, I decided to go on a quest for some interiors that I loved that used at least some Radiant Orchid or similar color.

And of course I was utterly convinced I would be unable to find anything I liked draped in purple.  But then I immediately realized one of my favorite designers uses lots of purple, in lots of his projects.  Darn it!  I was foiled right off the bat in my preconceived negativity.  Jamie Drake uses purple beautifully...and pinks, berry tones, and all sorts of colors close to Radiant Orchid on the colorwheel.

And Jamie (I can call him Jamie since we are both alums of Parsons, you know, I see him all the time ;) does it in such a clean and sophisticated way, with his amazing mix of contemporary and antique.  I suppose I generally associate purple in interiors with hippie-like attic apartments; spaces filled with rattan furniture, too many throw blankets, a futon, and unframed poster art.  That, Mr Drake does not do.

So, I am now officially open to Radiant Orchid, and will absolutely keep it in mind for future projects.  However, I KNOW I am not as skilled with color as Jamie, so I will likely keep my purples at a minimum.

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