Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I was so excited when a fellow interior designer told me he was moving and needed to sell two mid-mod chairs he salvaged from an old office space in Salt Lake City.  They were most likely used as guest chairs in the exec. offices or in the reception area.  I quickly snatched them up, and while they both needed some minor repairs, as well as some cosmetic updating, I knew they had great potential.  The first cosmetic change that had to be made was stripping the incredibly heavy-handed polyurethane, high-gloss, almost bullet-proof varnish that had been applied to the wood.  Surely this finish helped these look great over the years of heavy corporate office use, but it just had to go.  It looked as though they had been painted brown.  Not acceptable.

After stripping the wood back to its natural state, it was stained dark walnut (just a bit richer than the natural wood, and similar to the original finish in color) and sealed with a light satin finish which let the wood grain show and really enhanced the look of the chairs overall.  Now they felt as though they were made of real wood, not plastic.

The other plastic element that had to go was the vinyl upholstery that stuck to you while sitting.  After reviewing several options (see options and ideas behind the final selection in this past post), I settled on this Trina Turk fabric, almost as bullet-proof as vinyl but a whole lot nicer to sit on and enjoy.

I always enjoy looking for comparable pieces when I come upon a great piece like these, so I scanned to see if I could find anything similar, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find these listed -

I was also thrilled to find similar pieces on the set of MadMen-

So my pair have been officially dubbed 'Don & Roger', in my opinion a very appropriate nod to their corporate history (even if Salt Lake City is not quite Madison Ave.)  They are currently available to purchase here.

And now I am so excited to have these two on display at a Clearwater Homes Model Home in Salt Lake City!

Their Cardiff model is the current residence of Don & Roger, thanks to fab interior designer Danielle Robinson and her new designer showroom Lake City Loft.  I am so excited to see more pics of Don & Roger in-situ, I always feel such shots add another dimension.  Thanks so much Danielle, the model looks amazing!

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