Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It has been a crazy few months, but now I am settled in a new home and finally back to blogging! After six exceedingly fun months enjoying the grand old city of St Louis, my husband and I have migrated north to settle for a while in the Upper Midwest.  The next leg of our continuing adventure of life, I am excited to get to know a whole new part of our vast and diverse country.  

While Des Moines is a small city, and not quite the cultural mecca of some of my past residences, it does feel very much like I have come in from the cold.  Des Moines is so close to so much; I can hop in my little mini and be in Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, Milwaukee or Minneapolis in just a few hours.  Salt Lake City is a 7 hour drive from Vegas.  Vegas.  And everything else is even further. Not to mention flights to NYC are now HALF the length they were from Salt Lake.  

I am so excited to service so many cities and expand my reach, with so many places I can now go for a day consult, or drop a piece of furniture to a new client and be home for dinner.  I now have easy access to the design showrooms at the Merchandise Mart and Neocon, as well as a plethora of antiques shows and shops.

Not to say there is no market here in Des Moines.  Known as the insurance capital of the country, there is a vibrant and growing arts community here, with lots of high-level execs moving in and native creatives moving back.  The downtown is growing up with luxury condos and good restaurants, and the inner suburbs are filled with plenty of old Victorians for dirt cheap prices.  Yes, I do believe Des Moines will do as the new base for my expanding design empire. ;)

So please come back for more thoughts on Design and Dec Arts from the significantly closer hinterlands, and let your friends and family know I am now servicing the entire midwest!  And please follow us on facebook for more posts.

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