Thursday, September 4, 2014


I am just back from a wonderful trip to my homeland (pics coming soon), and had the good fortune to have a very long layover in my second favorite city (sorry, Big Apple, Paris will always win).  I had enough time to take the train into the city and walk from Penn Station up to the Met and not only get my annual summer fix of the breathtaking NYC skyline on the Met rooftop, but also my fix of fine American furniture in the American Wing, my favorite enclave of the museum.  So, I share my lovely day in NYC with you...

The latest installation on the rooftop of the Met, by Dan Graham, unfortunately I think most of these installations are overpowered by the view...but I love the astro turf!

The American Wing and some of its beauties-

This wood is to die for...

You know how I love that Greek Key...

And of course the Temple of Dendur hall, stunning space and stunning view of the city-

And then it was back to the airport... a perfectly perfect day in the big city.

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