Friday, November 11, 2011


I am currently working on a bedroom for an utterly adorable one-year-old.  It is a wonderful type of project that I don't often get to work on.  Kids rooms are often considered less important than the main living spaces in a home, and it is assumed the kids will pretty much destroy anything nice in the space regardless.  However, I would claim that a well designed children's room can mean a much more tidy and special place. 

I recently completed the transformation of another girls room from little girl to early teenage girl.  This was a great chance to consider that constant evolution of the kids room, and I am currently taking that very much into consideration with the baby room I am now working on.  Here are some before and after photos of the now updated 'teen' room.  Does not take a lot to make that leap...we were able to keep all of her traditional family heirloom furniture, and just give the room some more pop and color.



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  1. Thanks for sharing the design I like all the above but the white color in the room give a different and fresh look to the room. In this way I come to know how every part oh house look so charming.