Thursday, November 24, 2011


While I am thankful for lots of things in my personal life, today I wanted to share my thanks for my wonderful clients I have been privileged to work with this past year. I have been lucky enough not only to have (almost) more than enough work than I know what to do with, but also to have clients that have allowed me to develop projects I believe in creatively, and also clients that have been nothing but a joy to work with. My projects this year have become great collaborative undertakings, embodying my clients desires and visions, adding my expertise as needed, and ultimately producing a great end result.

As a small business owner, my clients are key to my business growth and ongoing development, the honing of my skills and overall design sense. So, to those of you that visit my blog- thank you!

And to everyone, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your ongoing support of my blog!

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