Monday, September 8, 2014


I try to spend a few weeks every summer in Norway, and really miss it when I am only able to make it there in the winter.  I just got back from a glorious two weeks, with wonderful weather, it was even sunny in Bergen (the Norwegian equivalent to Seattle)!  I often stay on the eastern coast of Norway, where my grandfather's family is from, but this time I had the chance to spend three days on the West Coast, in and around Bergen.  This is where the most dramatic scenery exists, with fjords and waterfalls galore.  It is always wonderful to see your 'hometown' or home country in this case, from a different and fresh perspective.  Bergen is the most charming city; how I envy my grandmother her childhood in such an amazing setting.  

And of course, no trip to the west coast of Norway is complete without some time on the water.  Can this be anymore sublime?  I love all the fog in the early morning, but my late morning the sun came through and the water was perfectly still...


However, I have to admit I could NEVER live this remotely!

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