Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I am constantly very pleasantly surprised by the cities of the Midwest.  I spent a lovely long weekend in Minneapolis & St Paul, and in addition to just plain enjoying big city life, I was able to visit the Weisman Art Museum, a Gehry building designed way back in 1993, when his building forms were still developing, almost five years before Bilbao opened to such fanfare.

In addition to a great modern and contemporary collection, I was very excited to stumble upon a wonderful little exhibition of Korean furniture, actually the most complete representation of Korean traditional furniture outside Asia.  Talk about wood to die for, what a treat to see these in person!  And such unusual and intricate metalwork in combination with the wood makes the pieces just gorgeous.  Traditional Korean society was floor-based, so there are no chairs in the collection (darn it), but lots of wonderful casepieces.    The Koreans created special storage boxes for everything; food, linens, valuables, cosmetics, medicines, even hats!

These photos from the collection catalog-

And a few dimly lit close-ups courtesy of my phone-

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