Thursday, September 11, 2014


I recently completed a project with a wonderful client in Ogden, UT in which we were able to reupholster several family heirlooms as well as purchase some mid-mod and contemporary pieces to round out the desired eclectic mix of modern and traditional, with an overall clean feel.  I am quite pleased with the results, and while there are still a few finishing touches to complete, the space and the furniture has completely transformed.

Here are some before photos (taken by me) and some stunning afters taken by my photographer extraordinaire, Michalene Homme, visit her website here.   Thanks to a wonderful client and photographer!

Overall Before (with large bookcases and heavy furniture which overwhelmed and cluttered the space, and lots of warm tones that blended with the wood walls and ceiling)-

Overall After (with new petite but very comfortable loveseats the client inherited, a simple textured rug, small matching coffee tables easy to move when needed, and fab new lounge chairs in cooler tones, highlighting the rich wood throughout the room)-

Family Heirloom Chair Before (while it still looked quite good, the fabric was better suited to another decade, and the springs squeaked and moaned upon sitting)-

Family Heirloom Chair After (all the innards were fixed up and a gorgeous crushed velvet abstracted flower pattern was applied, with accent welting to give some extra definition to the chair's lines.  The fabric complements the piece so perfectly now, it has a soul again!)-

Mid-Century Chairs Before (sourced from the wonderful SLC shop Mod a-go-go)-

Mid-Century Chairs After (those skirts just had to go, with a clean tapered midmod leg hidden below)-

Custom upholstery and throw pillows make all the difference!


  1. I am in love with your transformations! Amazing how changes in scale make this living room feel so much more open. The velvet and trim are scrumptious. And, exposing the legs is perfect. Your work is amazing, Christa!

  2. Stunning chair makeovers! They speak for themselves. Great design Christa!