Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I was very excited to be able to show my wares at the Winnetka Antiques + Modernism Show a few weeks ago.  The show is a great mix of antique and modern items, including art, furniture, posters, prints, accessories, even vintage fashion.  It has been something of an ambition to have a booth at an antiques show, ever since I worked the Winter Antiques Show in New York while at Sotheby's.  I am now happy to say this is another item off my bucket list.

I promised to share some photos of the booth design... something I think in fact turned out pretty darn well.  While my booth was quite clean and minimal compared to most, I feel it embodied my brand perfectly.

The long weekend was wonderfully productive; I was able to get a huge amount of public opinion over a few days, talked to lots of interior designers, and made some sales and quite a few potential sales!  Looking forward to more shows in the future!

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