Monday, November 24, 2014


I have found a small business is an ever-evolving thing, at least for the first five years or so.  When I started up my interiors business I was unsure of who to market to, homeowners or home builders, and whether I should work on remodels or new builds.  It all sorted itself out after a few years.

I am now in that exploratory period with Christa Pirl Furniture, and after a busy month talking to lots of designers and homeowners, I have gained some valuable insight and have decided that I will now be offering -

1. Chair and sofa frames before they are reupholstered.  This gives both designers and homeowners to customize pieces to suit.  Send me the fabric and I will send you the finished piece, or just purchase the frame alone and have it reupholstered yourself.  These will be on the website soon, but in the meanwhile...

A lovely set of four Thonet bentwood armchairs, circa 1960, they need reupholstery and refinishing-

An Eastlake/Aesthetic Movement Settee and two matching chairs with original black lacquer, needs lacquer touch-up, springs and foam need some work under the seat, and desperately needs new upholstery!  See two chairs in the set that are complete here.

Two fantastic mid-mod armchairs, circa 1960, these are already refinished in a dark walnut stain, but will need new upholstery, see two almost identical chairs complete here.

A statement baroque side chair with dramatic high back, in need of refinishing and upholstery-

And an early 20th-century Eastlake style armchair.  This one needs some work to the seat, the wood only needs a bit of touch-up and of course, reupholstery-

2. My favorite fabrics from my favorite suppliers, prints I feel are unique and work well with lots of frames.  These will be on the website in the next few weeks, and stay tuned for more info on my own line of fabric designs, coming in 2015!

Give me a call or email for more info on the frames shown!

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